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JAMES.,   Volume(3) - Issue(1), 2017
pp 14-21,   http://dx.doi.org/10.18831/james.in/2017011002

Emission Control in Catalytic Converter by using Natural Liquid

R Ramaswamy;A Saravanan


This project is focussed on lowering the emission of toxic gases such as Hydrocarbons (HC), Carbon monoxide (CO) and Nitrous oxide (NOx) from the IC engines of automotive vehicles released as a result of combustion of the fuel thereby reducing the environment pollution. The discharge of toxic substances during the combustion in the automotive vehicles can be reduced by noble metal based catalytic converters which convert toxic CO and HC gases to CO2 and H2O respectively. In order to overcome the issues related to the use of noble metals, a novel method utilizing the natural liquids for minimizing the emission level is suggested. The pH values of natural fluids such as water, banana tree extract, cow urine and aloe vera were tested and then injected into silencer as separate liquid. Finally it is suggested to use the mixture of cow urine and banana tree extract to produce a significant reduction in emission of all the exhaust gases.


Toxic gases, IC engines, Catalytic converters, Natural liquids, Silencer.

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