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JAMES.,   Volume(1) - Issue(2), 2015
pp 9-20,   http://dx.doi.org/10.18831/james.in/2015021002

Optimisation of Deep Cryogenic Treatment Process on the Wear Resistance of 100Cr6 Bearing Steel using Taguchi technique

Venses Gilbert;R Sri Siva


Deep cryogenic treatment is an add on process, which is done in between quenching and tempering processes of conventional heat treatment. This paper presents the optimization of the deep cryogenic treatment process parameters for the improvement of wear resistance of 100Cr6 bearing steel using Taguchi technique. The process parameters considered for the optimization are, the cooling rate, soaking temperature, soaking time and tempering temperature with the quality target of wear resistance. The optimum parameters for the 100Cr6 bearing steel were arrived at the cooling rate of 1.5oC/min, soaking temperature of -150oC, soaking period of 48 hrs and tempering temperature of 150oC, based on the Taguchi technique. Analysis of variance is performed to identify the most influential factor, and it is found that the soaking period is the most influential factor for the deep cryogenic treatment of 100Cr6 bearing steel.


Deep cryogenic treatment, Bearing steel, Wear resistant, Taguchi technique, ANOVA.

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